Attack of the (Adorable) Clones: Puppies Are 'Reclones' of First Cloned Dog

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Purebred puppies from the same litter tend to look pretty much the same. But a trio of littermates born recently in Korea don't just closely resemble each other — they're clones that share nuclear DNA from the same cells.

In fact, those cells originated in a dog that was also a clone, making the puppies second-generation clones. The cell donor, the first cloned dog in the world, was a male Afghan hound named Snuppy (his name came from the initials of Seoul National University, the Korean institution where the research was conducted), who was born in 2005.

The three "recloned" puppies, now just over one year old, developed from stem cells harvested from Snuppy in 2010. They were described in a study that marks the first stage in documenting and analyzing their fitness, to better understand how recloned dogs fare throughout their lifetimes, the study authors wrote.