Bill Gates Donates $50 Million to Fight Alzheimer’s

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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates announced that he is donating $50 million of his own money to fight Alzheimer’s disease. The investment is being made to the Dementia Discovery Fund — a private fund working to diversify the clinical pipeline and identify new targets for treatment.

The fund has offices in San Francisco, Boston and London. Other investors in the fund include: Lilly, Glaxo Smith Kline, Johnson and Johnson and the NFL Players Association.

Gates made the announcement on his personal blog and wrote the following:

I’ve spent considerable time over the last year learning about the disease and the progress made to date. There’s a lot of amazing work being done in this field to delay Alzheimer’s and reduce its cognitive impact. What I’ve heard from researchers, academics, funders, and industry experts makes me hopeful that we can substantially alter the course of Alzheimer’s if we make progress in five areas: