Highest Paid Grammy Nominees

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Drake – $38.5 Million

Being nominated for a Grammy is a special moment for every musician. Winning a Grammy is something each artist will cherish the rest of their lives. It shows that all their hard work they put in to create their masterpiece paid off. To get to the level of winning and even to get nominated, you have to be a pretty great artist because no scrubs are nominated. And being a great artist usually means you get paid the big bucks. Let’s take a look at the highest paid Grammy nominees.

Drake had a great year with music and money and capped it off by grabbing the second most Grammy nominations thanks to his highly-anticipated album Views and collaboration with Rihanna on “Work”. He won best Rap Song at the 2017 Grammys for “Hotline Bling” but it was later reported that he did not even want the Grammy because he didn’t even rap on the song.

Aside from not wanting his Grammy, Drake made a big splash the past year outside of music when the world found out he was dating the beautiful Jennifer Lopez. She probably didn’t get with him because of his money but let’s see how much he made.

After “Views” came out, Drake went to view the world on a huge world tour. The Summer Sixteen tour featured artists from his label and one of his great industry buddies, Future. Drake broke streaming records and chart records with his album and is even the most popular artist on Spotify in terms of those who listen to him monthly globally.

Just when you think he can’t top what he did last time, he always comes back even more popular than he was before. According to some of the lyrics in a few of his latest songs, it would seem that other artists will have a chance to take his spot because he may be retiring soon and going back to acting.