Lessons from Warren Buffett

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If anyone is a legend of modern commerce, it's almost certainly Warren Buffet, worth an estimated $78 billion, give or take So what's he REALLY like? Jane Pauley decided to do lunch:

"Fine dining in Omaha -- this is it!" laughed Warren Buffett.

If you should be lucky enough to be invited to lunch by a billionaire investor, add a shake to your burger and fries. "Stick with me Jane, your eating habits will go downhill fast!" Buffett said.

This is Buffett's secret to a long and happy life: "If I want to live a long time, I should keep eating like a 6-year-old, which I do!"

And here's another: "The big thing is, if you're working at something you love, that has to add a lot more years to your life than doing a few extra sit-ups, as far as I'm concerned."

"You've had some stomach-churning days," said Pauley.

"Not very many. If the market is falling or something like that, that's opportunity for us. So the stock market has never caused my stomach to churn."