Tom Hanks Is One Of Hollywood's Best Men

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But it sometimes feels that way, given the many seeming good guys who have been revealed to be major (alleged) creeps in the post Harvey Weinstein-fallout.

Since the Weinstein allegations first broke two months ago, it feels like America has been hit with almost daily revelations about how once-respected icons privately harassed or abused subordinates and vulnerable young people, and then used their powerful positions to enforce silence.

But then there is the Concord-born Hanks, long known as one of the nicest people in Hollywood. During an actors roundtable organized by The Hollywood Reporter, Hanks acknowledged that there are people who go into the entertainment industry because they get off on having power.

But the two-time Academy Award winner, who stars in the upcoming film “The Post,” said that most people pursue careers in film and TV for the right reasons.